Personnel : Douglas P., John Murphy

Forty feet beneath the Earth's surface, Darryl Hell's interview experiment with Douglas P. took place amongst the rumbles, hisses, and thunks of the belly of a New York City skyscraper...during a harsh January 2005 blizzard. This would be the first time Douglas would take part in this type of interview project. Its flow replicates a meandering day-long conversation that was held between Douglas P. and Darryl Hell at Mindswerve Studio, New York City, in 2004. Their many life experiences in 1970's, 1980's punk rock, made for a fertile ground. Hell's vision for the project was to give Douglas a chance to fully articulate himself without the boundaries of the traditional interview format. The result is a roller coaster ride through Douglas' life from childhood into the future.

Features a number of unreleased versions of DI6 and rare Crisis material including a "BTM" image montage with:
Satan's Feast , Golden Wedding of Sorrow ,
and Come Before Christ And Murder Love .

The soundtrack is a dj darryl hell sound collage utilizing Death In June's Operation Hummingbird & All Pigs Must Die , and Crisis' "Holocaust Hymes" as its source.





Exists as
- DVD "amaray version", NTSC
-DVD "can version", NTSC, wrapped in aluminium can case with goodies
-VHS NTSC / PAL, including black military bag and goodies

A limited to 23 copies tactical vest was also edited

s6k Entertainment & Voidstar Productions
    Douglas P.
Behind the Mask         
      a videomovie by Darryl Hell

----- Filmed @ the HellLab Underground, NYC, winter 2005,
  -=--            and the Pyramid club, New York City, spring 2005

executive director / producer
darryl hell
associate director
wolfgang busch
video and audio editing
darryl hell & wolfgang busch
wolfgang busch & darryl hell
associate producer
david dodson (aka deftly d)
production assistant / lighting
sara schetter
still photography
edisa weeks
dvd designs & packaging
deftly d. & d. hell
production & promotional support
jane elizabeth-tesco distribution usa
soundtrack concept & editing
dj darryl hell
audio mastering
xris flam @ mindswerve studio, nyc
dvd authoring
niko @ visual mercenary group, nyc
havona madama @ madama griffitts llp
promotions / retail marketing
darryl hell
retail manager / promotions assistant
deftly d