3xCD + ShapeCD
Packaged in a leather pouch and includes a textured fold-out poster. The first edition of this release, which includes two bonus CDs, was limited to 2,222 copies, of which 222 were a Special Edition packaged in a Leather Army Bag/Satchel.
Disc 1: A shaped CD EP containing previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1997 and 2002.
Disc 2: Contains tracks released on various compilations between 1997 and 2002 [see below for sources].
Discs 3 & 4: Exclusive to the first edition, these CDs contain remixes and covers of songs by Der Blutharsch.

Original sources for Disc 2:
Track 1 is from the MM compilation CD
Track 2 is previously unreleased
Track 3 is from the Inutiles split 7"
Track 4 is from the Ten Years Of Madness (Behind The Iron Curtain) compilation 2xCD
Tracks 5 & 6 are from the Heilige Feuer compilation CD
Track 7 is from the Wo Die Wilden Kerle Wohnen compilation 7"
Track 8 is from The Pact: ...Of The Gods compilation CD
Tracks 9 & 10 were originally released as a single track on the Lucifer Rising compilation CD
Track 11 is from Der Tod Im Juni compilation CD
Track 12 is an edit of the track originally released on the split 7" of Ain Soph and Der Blutharsch
Track 13 is an edit of the track originally released on the Eisteddfod compilation CD
Track 14 is from The Moment Of Truth 10" (Track B1)
Track 15 is from the Wenn Alle Brüder Schweigen 10"


1-01 Untitled
1-02 Untitled
1-03 Untitled
1-04 Untitled
1-05 Untitled
1-06 Untitled
2-01 Untitled
2-02 Untitled
2-03 Untitled
2-04 Untitled
2-05 Untitled
2-06 Untitled
2-07 Untitled
2-08 Untitled
2-09 Untitled
2-10 Untitled
2-11 Untitled
2-12 Untitled
2-13 Untitled
2-14 Untitled
2-15 Untitled
3-01 Untitled (Hybryds Remix)
3-02 Untitled (Apoptose Remix)
3-03 Untitled (I-C-K Remix)
3-04 Untitled (Novy Svet Remix)
3-05 Untitled (Decadence Remix)
3-06 Untitled (Dernière Volonté Remix)
3-07 Untitled (:Of The Wand And The Moon: Remix)
3-08 Untitled (Death In June Remix)
3-09 Untitled (:wumpscut: Remix)
3-10 Untitled (Mental Destruction Remix)
3-11 Untitled (C.O.Caspar.osp Remix)
4-01 Untitled (Tribe Of Circle Remix)
4-02 Untitled (Sophia Remix)
4-03 Untitled (Bearer Of The Inmost Sun Remix)
4-04 Untitled (Scivias Remix)
4-05 Untitled (Graumahd Remix)
4-06 Untitled (Con-Dom Remix)
4-07 Untitled (Deutsch Nepal Remix)
4-08 Untitled (Mushroom's Patience Remix)
4-09 Untitled (P.A.L Remix)
4-10 Untitled (His Divine Grace Remix)